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eschew v : avoid and stay away from deliberately; stay clear of [syn: shun]

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Middle English, from Anglo-French eschiver (3d present eschiu) of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German sciuhen to frighten off.


  • [ɛsˈtʃuː]


  1. To avoid; to shun.

Usage notes

  • The word eschew usually refers to ideas or concepts rather than physical objects.



  • Albanian: shmang
  • Armenian: խուսափել
  • Bulgarian: отбягвам, избягвам
  • Finnish: välttää, karttaa
  • German: meiden, scheuen
  • Greek: αποφεύγω
  • Hebrew: להימנע
  • Norwegian: sky
  • Portuguese: renegar

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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

abstain, abstain from, avoid, bilk, do without, double, duck, elude, evade, forbear, forgo, hold aloof from, hold back, keep from, let alone, let go by, never touch, not touch, pass up, refrain, refrain from, sacrifice, shun, shy, spare, stand aloof from, steer clear of, withhold
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